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The Gallery

On this page we showcase collections of videos, recordings, word art, photographs, and drawings submitted to this project by contributors from many parts of world. They use any medium and means accessible to them, mostly smartphones, to communicate their experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Contributions are all from asylum seekers and refugees from many parts of the world.


Flute Music

These two audio files were shared by Alan, a Kurdish asylum seeker from Turkey who is currently living in the Netherlands. “A friend came by because the lockdown caused him quite a lot of boredom. He remembered my interest in flutes and that I never possessed one. I wasn’t even able to play a single tune back then. But he brought his old recorder flute along and gave it to me for motivation. I started to play and lo and behold I picked it up in a question of days. The first recording was after a week. The second one after a month.

Greed Kills

Richard Nomba Tshimanga is a volunteer with the Congolese Development Project and the Centre for African Entrepreneurship, assisting with their respective food support projects during the pandemic. Here, he tells a tale in Congolese French about the pitfalls of greed. It’s a tale which is told all over Africa and a timely reminder about how we must not let our greed infect us in Covid Times. Translated on the next slide in English. .

Greed Kills

Once upon a time there was a very rich man, the richest man in his village. He was also the most miserly man. He was nicknamed M’bibizo, meaning “the miser”. M’bibizo was uniquely stingy. With no wife nor employees, he did everything himself – even all the housework himself. He was proud of spending nothing. One day, M’bibizo fell into a well. He cried out for help and his nearest neighbour came running and held out his and, exclaiming: “M’bibizo, give me your hand so I can get you out of the well.” But M’bibizo hated giving anything! He hesitated to give his hand. That hesitation was fatal. Probably he would have survived if only he had given his neighbour his hand. The wise men of the village warned that it was indeed greed that killed rich M’bibizo.

The Man on the TV

This wonderful story from renowned queer seanchaí (Irish oral storyteller) and academic Joseph de-Lappe is called The Man on the TV. It interweaves memories of growing up queer in rural Ireland, of living through other epidemics, in particular HIV/AIDS in 1980s, and how Covid triggers his father’s memories of living through polio in 1950s. He touchingly recalls his parents’ home where TV was centre stage and chat shows wired his mother to the wider world. Leaving his home and Ireland and migrating to the UK, Joe’s story makes a deft and intricate play on the changing faces of the man on the TV seen from the point of view of his mother – from his childhood to today where his mother sees his face via a webcam he installed to reconnect himself daily to home life during Covid and especially his mother whose dementia has worsened recently.

Mi Jardin - My Garden

Ruth is a Venezuelan migrant who fled from her country to seek asylum in the UK with her immediate family, leaving many behind. She worked as a teacher for 24 years and applied her creativity in teaching preschool kids. During the pandemic lockdown she started gardening, growing flowers and vegetables for first time in UK. In this audio she relates her experience.

Giving birth in lockdown

Rita tells her story of giving birth in lockdown: “After trying several years finally we were welcoming our second child in June 2020. We had many challenges already because of our residence permit and then COVID-lockdown started. … When my midwife shared with me the news that I might have to go alone to the hospital for the delivery because of Covid, that made me so stressed and I was frightened because of the situation … but in the end, my partner was able to attend to witness the birth and that was wonderful”.

Syrian family sharing experiences of Covid-19 Test

A Syrian woman who currently resides in England shares her thoughts on Cov-19 and what it means to her and her family.

Facing quarantine alone in Colombia

Yesenia shares her testimonial about living during the pandemic in Colombia with her child. A touching story and expression of emotions.

Can’t Plan

A staff member of Public Health Wales, originally from Africa talks about her own experience in work and private life during the lockdown.

Public Health Wales and Black Lives Matters

A staff member of Public Health Wales, originally from Africa talks about her own experience in work and private life during the lockdown.