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Face masks everywhere


These photos were shared by Joy, a migrant worker who is currently living in the Netherlands.

Photo name: 21. PHOTO Face masks everywhere 1

Every day, I see notices and signs of Covid-19 health protocols. You see them at the shops, haltes, trams, buses, coffee shops, restaurants and supermarkets. I am used to following the rules as a daily part of my life. But why the numbers of infections continue increasing as the day passes? Are all these useless? It really scares me!

Photo name: 21. PHOTO Face masks everywhere 2

“I have often noticed some face masks thrown on the grounds. One time, when I went to my work place, I took photos of a few face masks on the ground on different locations. I did the same when I went home. I came to realize how many millions of face masks produced around the world to protect us from covid 19, and how many of these have been thrown to the grounds that destroy our environment.

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February 11, 2021