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Corona collage

Collage by Hassan Altabbaa, a Kurdish Syrian man who writes: “I created the collage to document the beginning of the pandemic and the world’s reaction to it. I hoped to convey my strong sense of the media floundering everywhere to inform the public and explain the pandemic.

I have used mainly British newspapers as I’m living in the UK. But I also use the Uncle Sam image – a popular symbol of US government in American culture and expression of patriotic emotion to allude to how Donald Trump has blamed other countries while taking no responsibility for allowing the virus to spread across the USA.

I wanted to show how this virus spreads from society to families and if you can’t protect your family, no one will protect it for you. So as a principle of change, we must all start with changing ourselves and our behaviour, then family, then society. And the big question mark is next to the image of the very first British woman to die from the virus. Her fate, our fate and the fate of the world are bound together”


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February 4, 2021