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Ramadan in the time of Covid-19


A refugee in the UK – Ramadan is a very special time for me and my family. Each year we wait patiently for this holy and blessed month to come.

It is a time where we all come together and celebrate what we have and appreacite Allah’s blessings. It is a time where we contemplate and think about the people who are struggling in their lives. This year Ramadan is very hard on us. We are separated from our loved ones, we are separated from our community.

We can’t break our fast collectively, we can’t go to the mosque to pray and thank our creator. We can’t go out and help the needy and hungry in our community. I decided to create some decorations at home with my little kids so they learn about the significance and importance of this months and its values. May Allah grant us all patience and may this test come to an end soon

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June 9, 2020