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Ramadan Under Lockdown – Children’s home made mosques

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This is a series of three images of children’s home made mosques – during Ramadan under lockdown.

Visits to the mosque were impossible. This brother and his sister decided to build a home made mosque constructing it out of card board boxes. They began by creating a cardboard cut out.

Keeping children occupied and entertained at home during lockdown was not easy. By the time Eid arrived they had been cooped up for nearly two months. We couldn’t go to the mosque or to the shops, so we had to think creatively and recycle what we had at home. We decided to use cardboard boxes to make our own Mosque. We surprised ourselves at how good it turned out and we had great fun in the process.

We got the idea to make a home-made mosque from our friends. They shared their plans and photos with us on WhatsApp. We didn’t have a lot of space in our living room or a lot of cardboard but we had paints and coloured paper to make a mini mosque. We all shared photos of our home-made mosques and  had a Zoom Party with friends. It wasn’t as good as seeing them but it was better than nothing

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August 10, 2020