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Talking about hair falling out

Week 10 of lockdown in the Hague: Sara says: “I’m in a constant situation of stress, depression, grief and sadness for most of my life. A life in which I was denied even the most basic rights, labelled as illegal, refugee, stateless… Especially these last couple of years drained me so much, I felt hardly alive anymore.

That left its mark on my health. I feel that my hair is falling out so much. During lockdown I had too much free time, I was dwelling on very sad memories, and the terrible situation I’m in filled my heart with total sadness… I felt my hair was falling out like the withered leaves of a tree.

I talked about it with a good friend. She wanted to bring me a hair growth serum, but she was stuck as well. Maybe a serum will help, but as long as the situation remains the same, the state of mind, which harms my health, will stay the same as well…” 

Helen comments: She is texting her friend and shows such kindness, talking of her friend’s hair as like velvet when she herself is afraid of losing her own hair.

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February 8, 2021