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Tell me where you seek refuge I tell you what privileges you have

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Ibo is a Kurdish Syrian refugee in his mid 20s. He arrived in Germany in 2015 as a refugee fleeing the war in Syria.

Ibo has family members and relatives who are seeking refuge in Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon, most of whom are living in very difficult conditions with no access to water, electricity and limited access to education and employment.

Ibo says the situation of his relatives has been worsened since the pandemic hit in 2020.

”This pandemic has hit us so hard – We lost our jobs here and we are back to square one. The war has destroyed my life in Syria and now this pandemic is doing the same thing here in Germany, there seems to be no escape – you either die by a bullet or a virus”.

Ibo is aware that his situation is still much better to the millions of people seeking refuge in countries neighbouring Syria. Ibo says ” Whenever I look at what other refugees are going through back in the region, I count my blessings and realise how privileged I am”

”My people can’t afford self-isolating in camps and unofficial settlements let alone being able to afford the Covid-19 testing kit. Here in Germany I could walk into any shop and can get a test for the price of a cup of coffee while people back in the region are dying” he continued.

”This pandemic has shown where you are born, and where you seek refuge, will determine how you survive this pandemic”

Photos: COVID-19 Testing kits in a market in Germany
Photos credit: Sirwan Berko

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June 7, 2021